Transformation Awards

The Culture Transformation Awards were created by Human Synergistics in 2006 to celebrate and honor organizations that have created and sustained great, Constructive work cultures.

Through our mission of Changing the World—One Organization at a Time®, we help create organizations that are constructive places to work, where leaders provide inspiring leadership, and individuals see that their personal effort counts. As our research and experience has demonstrated, creating Constructive Cultures takes courage, leadership and persistence.

The Transformation Awards recognize those organizations that have risen to the challenge.

What is the Evidence of Cultural Transformation?

The winners of the Transformation Awards showed a dramatic change in their culture over a relatively short time period. To qualify for an Award, this change must involve a shift from predominantly Aggressive/Defensive and Passive/Defensive styles of behavior to predominantly Constructive styles.

Each Transformation Award winner used the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®) to test and re-test their culture. This test and re-test provided clear evidence of a shift toward their Ideal Culture. In most cases, the shift was dramatic enough to be termed a 'transformation.'

Who is eligible for a Transformation Award?

Each year, we will be asking the questions:

  • Do we have any evidence of cultural transformation in our database?
  • Which organizations have tested and re-tested themselves using the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®)?
  • Which organizations have transformed their cultures; that is, have moved from a culture dominated by the Aggressive/Defensive (red) and Passive/Defensive (green) styles to one dominated by the Constructive (blue) cultural styles—Achievement, Self-Actualizing, Humanistic-Encouraging, and Affiliative?


    If you are involved in a cultural change program and have undertaken an OCI re-test in the past year, we encourage you to submit your re-test results to us for consideration.