Measurement: A Case for Change

When it comes to developing talent, there are many assessments that measure, for example, competencies and effectiveness at the individual level, or empowerment and overall engagement at the organisation level. However, a critical and often unmeasured piece that lies in between is "the how," or the behaviours - the way people approach their work and interact with others. We measure all of the pieces, and therefore provide you with the complete picture.

Building The Case For Change

Why do behaviours matter? Our research with thousands of organizations shows a positive relationship between the Constructive behaviours measured by HSI assessments and effectiveness at the individual, leader, group, and organisational-levels. These links have been statistically demonstrated with results published in journals, including Psychological Reports, The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, The Journal of International Management, and others.

By measuring human behaviour at the individual, manager, leader, team, or organisational level, it becomes tangible; it becomes something that can be described and made specific. Measurement of behaviour gives organisations:

  • a way to capture and quantify the invisible forces that drive performance
  • a language to discuss the un-discussable
  • the ability to track individual, team, and organisational progress
  • a process through which individuals and teams take responsibility for their own behaviours and focus on Constructive improvement

We help organisations, teams, and individuals understand what they have not been able to understand in the past. We provide people with information that they would not otherwise have. In this way we help individuals, teams, and organisations obtain more control of their present and their future.

We believe that in measuring behaviours, it's not enough to simply provide a measure of the current state; such measurement must also provide guidance as to cause and what must be done to make progress. Measuring the current state without any inherent prescription is no more than going to the doctor and being told you have a temperature. In such a situation you would want to know what caused it and what to do about it.

To achieve this, considerable research is required. Our commitment to this is absolute. Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D. has participated in and supervised numerous academic research projects validating the reliability of Human Synergistics International’s assessments. With more than 500 universities and teaching institutions using our materials, we know they work.

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Our strength lies in providing valid and reliable assessments that reveal valuable information for confidently directing and designing improvement strategies.

Having supported the development of millions of individuals and thousands of organizations, HSI is truly having a global impact. Join us in our mission of Changing the World - One Organisation at a Time™.