Teams Workshop

Developing effective teams through Constructive behaviours and synergistic decision making

Learn how to build teams that achieve synergy and develop superior solutions using our world-renowned team-building simulations and Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) 

 Using interactive, experiential learning techniques, the Teams Workshop will prepare you to:

  • identify and understand how thinking patterns and coping behaviour influence the ability to deal with conflict situations
  • explain the correlation between Constructive group styles and team effectiveness
  • facilitate and debrief HSI simulations and the Group Styles Inventory
  • uncover a team's strengths and developmental areas
  • debrief group profile results
  • select the appropriate simulation
  • Evaluates current approaches to motivation and team dynamics
  • Enhances the ability of individuals and teams to strategize, plan, and set goals and execute action plans for achievement
  • Promotes more effective management and leadership approaches
  • Illustrates the effects of different personal styles as measured by the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) and the impact of different strategies as measured by Leadership/Impact® (L/I) and Management/Impact® (M/I)

Products Included: 

Products Covered  Materials Included
Team-Building Simulations  
  • Simulation Leader's Guide
  • Simulation Participant Materials
Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI)
  • GSI Leader's Guide
  • GSI Inventory
  • GSI Participant Guide
  • GSI Case Study Materials


 Workshop Dates
4 June 2018
24 September 2018
10 December 2018

All workshops will be held at a central London location.

To register, email: or call +44 (0)1624 620320. 
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