About the Human Synergistics Global Change Circle™

Our network of organizational change agents is fittingly called the Human Synergistics Global Change Circle™ (HSGCC). The Global Change Circle is the product of many discussions with peers around the world who requested a way to network with their colleagues, get more information on HS products, and learn better ways to build their practices and serve their clients.

Our goal for the Global Change Circle is "to partner with a distinguished group of accredited change agents to constructively change and develop individuals, groups and organizations—and ultimately societies and the world—through the expert application of Human Synergistics’ processes and materials."  We're doing that by building a community where practitioners can collaboratively learn and grow professionally, share thoughts and ideas, and solve problems.

We believe that when accredited change agents are highly skilled and sophisticated in the use of Human Synergistics’ materials, everyone wins—Human Synergistics, the practitioners, and the organizations they’re working with.

We've created a space where accredited change agents can increase their knowledge and expertise with our ongoing support. Members who are more experienced and willing to contribute to the growth of others have a place where they can share and help develop less-experienced members. Ultimately, Human Synergistics' vision is to work with Circle members to enhance the body of OD and change management knowledge.

Interested in learning more about joining and the benefits and criteria? Please contact us!