The Safety Series

From reducing back injuries to taking the right actions in the event of a tornado, the HSI Safety Series simulations heighten safety awareness, create a personal sense of responsibility for safety on the job and at home, and promote teamwork and communication.

Safety Series


The Safety Series simulations are easy to implement in a positive and cost effective manner. Managers, supervisors, or employees can readily administer them with minimal preparation. The exercises are appropriate for front-line employees as well as secondary school students.


Each simulation is based on a three-step problem-solving process that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Participants solve the problem first individually and then as a team. Afterward they compare their individual and group solutions to the expert’s solution, which is provided in the Participant’s Booklet. Thus, in addition to learning about safety, participants can also see how well they are working together as a group.


This proven learning process is simple, highly effective, and efficient. The Safety Simulation Leader’s Guide provides tips on how to conduct a safety session and contains all of the information that you’ll need to delve more deeply into the factors that contribute to synergistic problem solving and the components of Achievement thinking.


Interested in using a Safety Series simulation?

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Choose the Safety Series Simulation That’s Right for You

Review the table below to find the HSI Safety Simulation that best meets your team development needs.



The Situation The Challenge Time

Fire Safety Situation
Be prepared to take quick and decisive actions in the event of a fire

You are home alone with your three children and puppy when the smoke alarm goes off.

Determine which of 12 possible actions would assure your family’s safety and then sequence these in the order that you would complete them.

30 minutes

Back Injury Safety Situation
Reduce the occurrence of back injuries

You work in the shipping and receiving department of a large retail store and need to restock the shelves with a large shipment of paperback novels.

Determine which of 12 possible actions would reduce the strain on your back and then sequence them in the order that you would carry them out.

30 minutes

Tornado Safety Situation
Know what steps to take (and which to avoid) in the event of a tornado

You and your spouse are at home watching TV, your older child is in the front yard, and your younger child is asleep in his crib, when a warning of an approaching tornado interrupts the newscast.

Determine which of 12 possible actions would assure your family’s safety and then sequence them in the order they should be taken.

30 minutes