An Exercise in Leadership, Co-operation, and Achievement

Research and development by Michael Gourley of Human Synergistics New Zealand.


Designed to teach leaders how to apply Achievement-oriented thinking to effectively coach others and improve performance, Coach is a unique team exercise that highlights the assumptions, values, beliefs, and attitudes underlying the motivation of individuals and teams. Participants are challenged to identify the most appropriate approaches to coaching, goals, and actions for turning around a team that currently is not performing well. The sports setting used in Coach allows participants to question the assumptions and values of others in a non-threatening way and facilitates open, honest discussion due to the high level of tolerance regarding diverse opinions about sports. Ultimately, participants learn how to identify and apply Achievement thinking to become more effective managers.

Unique Characteristics of Coach

  • Evaluates current approaches to motivation and team dynamics
  • Enhances the ability of individuals and teams to strategize, plan, and set goals and execute action plans for achievement
  • Promotes more effective management and leadership approaches
  • Illustrates the effects of different personal styles as measured by the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) and the impact of different strategies as measured by Leadership/Impact® (L/I) and Management/Impact® (M/I)

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