Perceptive Communications® 

Research and Development by Richard V. Farace, Ph.D., Richard Carlson, and Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D.

Help managers, professionals, and sales people understand and enhance their communication styles.

Perceptive Communications teaches individuals in managerial, professional, and client-facing roles about their own communication styles and how to adapt to the styles of others. Using the Communications Style Survey™, the program provides self and others’ feedback on current communication practices along with insights into how to improve communication effectiveness. The assessments by others reveal an outside view of communication behavior based on observations over time, giving participants a broad view of their communication effectiveness and impact on those around them.

Unique to Perceptive Communications is Adaptability feedback on how well the individual accommodates the communication needs of others, a key skill for communicating effectively. Additionally, the survey provides feedback on communication effectiveness with respect to sending and receiving. Colleagues, subordinates, customers, and others provide this feedback through a series of word sets (e.g., “impatient” and “patient”) on a five-point scale, indicating the point between each set of words that best describes the focal individual. The survey responses are used to generate four separate reports: The Communication Style Profile, Adaptability Rating, Accessibility & Negotiability Rating, and Communication Competency Rating. In addition to the four reports, participants receive a Perceptive Communications Journal to record their thoughts, observations, and action plans.

Unique characteristics of Perceptive Communications

  • Provides feedback from both self and others on communication styles, adaptability, and communication competency  
  • Identifies similarities and differences between self and others’ views, providing the foundation for awareness and development 
  • Shows managers, professionals, and sales people how they are perceived by others, giving them a clear understanding of how their communication styles impact their overall effectiveness
  • Helps develop effective individual and team communications and improve interpersonal skills

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