ACUMEN® Team WorkStyles™ (TWS)

Research and Development by: The Acumen Development Team with validation by Christopher W. Guest, Ph.D. and Scott Blucher, M.A.


The success of any team depends on each member performing to his/her maximum ability and interacting with other members in a way that enhances their contributions. TWS is a 360° feedback assessment designed for individuals working in temporary or permanent teams responsible for solving problems and making decisions.


Building on the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI), TWS develops individual team members' personal styles to provide the foundation for effective teamwork, collaboration, and synergy. While people are often expected to simply adjust to the demands of teamwork, the reality is that most are better able to make the transition with training, development, and the type of feedback provided by TWS. 


TWS participants receive a personalised feedback report focusing on personal styles relevant to group functioning, including those related to goal setting, problem-solving, collaborating, and communicating. The report features a descriptive analysis of the individual in terms of his/her particular combination of styles, including how the world shapes their motivations and priorities, how they lead or follow other people, and how they work with others.


When used on an individual basis, this information affords the team member the opportunity to modify his or her behaviour to contribute more effectively to the team. When shared and used on a group basis, this information provides team members with a better understanding of each other, the insights needed to adjust their styles to one another’s needs and concerns, and the opportunity to develop the team by assigning responsibilities for roles and behaviours that formerly were lacking.

Unique Characteristics of Acumen Team WorkStyles

  • Provides insights into the team member’s unique combination of styles and how those styles affect his or her ability to interact with others
  • Compares self-perceptions with those by others to better understand how they influence the climate and performance of the team
  • Features a personal road map for developing positive interaction styles
  • Meets academic and psychometric standards
  • Part of the Integrated Diagnostic System, which uses the Human Synergistics International Circumplex to link individual, manager, leader, team, and organisation behaviours

Interested in using TWS?

TWS requires accreditation from Human synergistics before materials can be purchased. Contact us for information on product pricing and/or consulting and coaching services. (Online ordering is not available.)