Stress Processing Report™

Developed by J. Clayton Lafferty, Ph.D., Lorraine Lafferty, Ph.D., Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D., and the HSI Research and Development Team.


The SPR enables people to better understand how they react to and cope with stress, and possibly create stress for themselves, at work and in their personal lives. The inventory measures the extent to which participants exhibit stressful thinking styles and the self-development guide provides insights into these styles and recommendations for switching to healthier styles.

Unique characteristics of SPR

  • Increases people’s awareness of how stress works and the role of internal stressors
  • Provides people with an understanding of how their own thinking increases or reduces stress
  • Helps organisational members to redirect their thinking styles and reduce stress associated with job demands, organisational change, and/or personal factors
  • Improves psychological and physical health and promotes higher levels of productivity, co-operation, and personal effectiveness

Interested in using SPR?

SPR requires accreditation from Human Synergistics before materials can be purchased. Contact us for information on product pricing and/or consulting and coaching services. (Online ordering is not available.)