Organisation Development

The distinguishing feature of leading organisations is their culture - the norms and expectations that encourage performance-orientated behaviour rather than security and mediocrity.

Developing Organizations

Human Synergistics International has been leading the field in culture research for 30 years. Our research demonstrates the links between culture and performance, and our experience shows that culture can change.

Our business is committed to helping organisations measure and transform their cultures from predominantly Aggressive/Defensive or Passive/Defensive to Constructive norms, and improve their performance in the process.

Like our approach to individual development, organisational development has always been about the measurement and identification of the organisational factors that encourage or inhibit performance.

Our organisational measurement tools are designed to:

  • Measure organisational culture, climate, and effectiveness
  • Identify the levers for change
  • Pinpoint barriers to adaptation, member engagement, and organisational effectiveness
  • Develop strategies for building high-performance cultures
  • Monitor change and improvement over time

Our standard - and our continuing goal - is to offer products that meet rigorous academic and psychometric standards while being practical and relevant to the real world.

Our Organisation Development tools underpin our Organisational Development Model and form an integral part of the development programmes initiated by our own consultants and internal HR/OD professionals.