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A focus on quality, research, and ethics - underscored by a mission to constructively change the world through individual and organisational development - has resulted in HSI materials being used by the majority of Fortune 500 Companies, Fast 50 Companies, and Ivy League Universities.

Client Testimonials

Mark Viso, the CEO of Pact, is very analytical, thoughtful and logical. He likes to plan, and we gave him a data-driven people resource that was amazing. For him, the OCI/OEI was really helpful because it put a strategy around the people side of the business. That side of the business is often considered touchy-feely and soft, and any time you can bring data that allow you to dissect it and cross-reference it and build a structure to it you get people’s attention. 

We always look for tools that get us to the ‘aha moment,’ and because of the depth of the Human Synergistics tool belt and these particular tools, we got to those aha moments in a much deeper, more significant way.

Chris Ihrig

CEO and Lead Practitioner
Edge Global Advisors 

I'm so grateful to HSI for the OCI™, because it really put a mirror up to our face. It gave us a common language and common understanding of who we are, and why we are. Going through the process or using the tool and acting on the results has helped encourage us to grow and become a better organisation.

Gina Magee

Chief Operating Officer
Girl Scout Council of Orange County


HS tools have enabled us to make measurable change, show the impact of our change processes, and win awards in OD. Being able to portray concepts like culture and personal leadership styles in a very palatable way and reliably measuring the improvement and change over time are invaluable to transformation of the organisation. HS tools provide you with the means to constructively move the organisation and its leaders toward their desired state.

Roxanne Ray

Organisational Performance Consultant
Advocate Health Care


There is no better tool than the Desert Survival Situation™. It is the only team-building simulation flexible enough to integrate into any development programme. The synergy calculations work, enabling people to understand that individual behaviour impacts group dynamics and group dynamics impact the overall quality of business decisions.

Eli Amdur

Amdur Coaching and Advisory Group, LLC & Adjunct Professor of Leadership, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Graduate Level


I used Leadership/Impact® as a vital part of feedback for the executive leadership programme at GE. It provided that "aha moment" for execs, because is connected their strategies or what they were supposed to be doing as leaders to their impact on others. Essentially - we were showing them what kind of culture they were creating compared with the kind of culture they said they wanted to create. Then - we talked about what they were going to do about it.

Linda Sharkey

Executive Director of Executive Networks, Inc.
Former VP HR at GE