Accreditation & Application Workshops


Human Synergistics InterConnext offers accreditation and application workshops to help you measurably impact the effectiveness of the organisation(s) you support. These interactive, hands-on workshops prepare you to expertly apply Human Synergistic International processes, assessments, and simulations to meet a variety of organisational change and development goals, including:

  • Developing effective task and interpersonal styles
  • Enhancing the positive impact of managers and leaders
  • Quantifying, creating, and reinforcing Constructive Cultures
  • Capturing and developing team synergy

Human Synergistics accredits individual consultants and trainers, rather than client organisations and consulting firms.  Thus, the individual (rather that his or her organisation) retains the accreditation and right to purchase and debrief the relevant product(s) in the event that he or she moves to another employer or private practice.  Additionally, all consultants and trainers within the organisation who will be debriefing accreditation required products must be accredited directly by Human Synergistics.   Accredited individuals are not certified not to train others in the use of the assessments or to purchase products requiring accreditation on behalf of others who have not successfully completed the Human Synergistics Accreditation Programme.  Individuals not accredited by Human Synergistics may use accreditation required assessment only by working with someone who is accredited, and therefore, qualified to debrief the feedback report(s).

For more information on the Human Synergistics' Accreditation Programme, please contact us by email: