Human Synergistics' Accreditation Programme


Human Synergistics InterConnext offers accreditation and application workshops to help you measurably impact the effectiveness of the organisation(s) you support. These interactive, hands-on workshops prepare you to expertly apply Human Synergistics International processes, assessments, and simulations to meet a variety of organisational change and development goals, including:

  • Developing effective task and interpersonal styles
  • Enhancing the positive impact of managers and leaders
  • Quantifying, creating, and reinforcing Constructive Cultures
  • Capturing and developing team synergy


Our Accreditation Programme ensures a consistent high-quality experience for all individuals and organisations that engage with the Human Synergistics systems and tools.  The primary goal of the Accreditation programme is to provide practitioners with the knowledge and practice necessary to successfully create organisational and leadership transformation using Human Synergistics' surveys and process.

Participation in the Culture, Impact and/or Styles Workshops is the first step in the accreditation process for the products they cover.  The steps entail passing an in-workshop Accreditation Exam, administering and applying the assessment and presenting the results and outcomes of the application project in a Debrief Webinar. 


Learn how to interpret, initiate and monitor organisational change with the most widely used culture survey in the world, the Organisational Culture InventoryTM (OCITM) and identify and map progress using the levers for change and organisational outcomes from our integrated climate survey, the Organisational Effectiveness InventoryTM (OEI).

Learn how to use Leadership/Impact® (L/I) and Management/Impact® (M/I) and to debrief leaders and managers on building their Constructive Impact on culture through detailed analysis of how the strategies and approaches they employ and how those influence their effectiveness.

Learn how to debrief leaders and individual contributors on achieving greater performance and professional satisfaction with ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStylesTM (LWS), Life Styles InventoryTM (LSI) and our newest individual-level feedback report for guiding individual development, LSI with Item Level Feedback (LSI-ILF)

Learn how to build teams that achieve synergy and develop superior solutions using our world-renowned team-building simulations and Group Styles InventoryTM (GSI) .

All accreditation workshops will take place at a central Mumbai location, unless otherwise stated.

Need help deciding which workshops to attend?   Contact the Human Synergistics InterConnext Accreditation Team  for more information - by email or call India toll free 000 800 852 1410 or  
+44 1624 620320

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