What We Do

Human Synergistics is the pioneer in quantifying organization development concepts including culture, leadership strategies and impact, group processes and synergy, and individual thinking and behavioral styles. The company focuses on providing the highest-quality assessments and simulations, as well as consulting services. Featuring a highly-visual, integrated diagnostic system linked to performance, Human Synergistics has worked with many major Canadian and global organizations, government at all levels, universities and colleges and, external and internal consultants.

What We Do

Human Synergistics helps organizations enhance their effectiveness through a focus on culture change, leadership development, and team building.

We help organizations, groups, and individuals understand:

  • That organization performance is human-dependent
  • That leadership has a significant impact on organization culture and the engagement and performance of members
  • That there is an inextricable link between a Constructive Culture and sustained organizational effectiveness

Through the use of our globally-recognized tools, administered by certified internal or external consultants, our clients are able to measure what many assume to be unmeasurable—individual behaviour, group styles, organizational culture, and the impact of these factors on effectiveness.

By doing so, we enable individuals, groups, and organizations to initiate changes and realize their potential.

The results of our surveys are explained using the Human Synergistics Circumplex, a graphical representation that breaks down the factors underlying performance into 12 “styles” of thinking, behaving, and interacting.

The Circumplex provides a way to map behaviour and “see” the factors that drive performance or create barriers to effectiveness at the individual, group, or organizational level.