Management Effectiveness Profile System™ (MEPS)

Effective management requires skill mastery in a variety of areas, all equally critical to continued success. Management Effectiveness Profile System™ (MEPS) accurately evaluates a manager's current performance in 14 fundamental skill areas categorized as task, interpersonal, and personal.


MEPS is an easy-to-understand 360° assessment tool that has been helping managers develop their skills and competencies for years. The data is presented in bar graphs that provide raw averages, standard deviations and percentile scores. This data allows the manager to compare his/her perceptions of their management skills with those from their significant colleagues. It also enables them to compare their self and others results, through percentile rankings with a valid representation of the management population.

Armed with such valuable feedback on their strengths and development needs, the manager can then work through the comprehensive workbook and Self-Development Guide included in the report. This “management skills textbook” guides the participant through a step-by-step process that includes learning about the particular skill, choosing strategies for improvement and implementing a workable action plan. The workbook is comprehensive enough to allow facilitators to develop follow-up programs for each of the 14 skills.

Whether you are designing fundamental management competencies workshops, launching a management self-development program, or simply providing your managers with valuable feedback on their skills; MEPS is a valuable starting point.

Unique characteristics of the Management Effectiveness Profile System™ (MEPS)

  • Skill-based assessment/feedback on classic and contemporary management practices
  • Complements the personal styles-based tools (e.g., Life Styles Inventory)
  • Includes both self-assessment and feedback from others for direct comparisons and development planning

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