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Management Development

Middle-level managers have a unique position within any organization, as they typically have to manage up as well as down. Therefore, managers need to be aware of how their behaviour impacts both those they manage and their higher-ups.

Developing Managers

Middle managers are responsible for execution—taking the vision and strategies set by top management and turning them into results by guiding the efforts of others. It is absolutely critical that the practices and cultural impact of managers are aligned with the organization’s visions, values, and strategies.

This group has crucial impact across the organization and can benefit from Human Synergistics International’s management assessments, which specifically take into account the various challenges managers face as well as the skills they need to build real effectiveness. (For senior-level executives see Developing Leaders.)

Our managerial development and feedback assessments do more than simply provide insight – they are designed to promote Constructive change by helping individuals:

  • Measure managerial approaches, behavioural styles, and skills
  • Identify strengths and development opportunities
  • Pinpoint barriers to successful performance
  • Develop more Constructive approaches, behavioural styles, and skills
  • Monitor change and improvement over time

Our standard—and our continuing goal—is to offer products that meet academic and psychometric standards while being practical and relevant to the real world.