Life Styles Inventory™
Detailed Reports (with Item-Level Feedback)

Research and Development by J. Clayton Lafferty, Ph.D. (LSI) and Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D. (ILF)


Identify targets for behavioral change to improve interpersonal relations, increase effectiveness, and develop leadership potential

As one of Human Synergistics first assessments, the LSI has helped millions of individuals gain self-awareness as well as an understanding of the relationships between personal, management, and leadership styles and effectiveness. Research over the past four decades, based on thousands of data points, demonstrates that the LSI styles are related to various indicators of individual effectiveness and important outcomes such as managerial effectiveness and openness to feedback (as reported by others), self-reported stress, salary, and organizational level.

The Detailed Report provides a deeper understanding of the personal orientations and behavioural styles measured by the LSI. Individuals are provided with detailed item-by-item feedback that offers otherwise unavailable information on the specific behaviours on which they should focus to strengthen Constructive styles and reduce Defensive tendencies. Their results are compared to those for 14,000 individuals in our new international norming data set. As an added feature, when purchasing a self-report with a description by others report a new Summary Grid is included to identify Confirmed Strengths, Unrecognized Strengths, Stumbling Blocks, and Blind Spots.

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Unique characteristics of the Life Styles Inventory™ with Item-Level Feedback (LSI ILF)

  • Enhances understanding of others' assessments of the focal individual's effectiveness, reasons for those assessments, and the most powerful behavioural targets for moving those assessments in a positive direction
  • Heightens awareness of untapped or underdeveloped aspects of thinking and behaviour
  • Meets academic and psychometric standards for reliability and validity
  • Part of the Integrated Diagnostic System, which uses the Human Synergistics International Circumplex to link individual, manager, leader, team, and organization behaviors

Interested in using the LSI Detailed Reports?

Facilitating workshops or coaching using the LSI Detailed Report requires certification. Contact us for information on product pricing, certification programs, and/or consulting and coaching services. (Online ordering is not available.)

We also have available, an LSI Simple Report without ILF and a qualitative report for leaders, called Leadership WorkStyles™. The General Certification Workshop provides certification for all three products.