Leadership/Impact® (L/I)

Research and Development by Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D.

I used Leadership/Impact® as a vital part of feedback for the executive leadership program at GE. It provided that "aha moment" for execs, because it connected their strategies and what they were supposed to be doing as leaders to their impact on others. Essentially—we were showing them what kind of culture they were creating compared with the kind of culture they said they wanted to create. Then—we talked about what they were going to do about it.
Dr. Linda Sharkey
Executive Director of Executive Networks, Inc.
Former VP HR at GE


Designed specifically for those in leadership roles—primarily senior managers, high-potential middle managers, and CEOs—Leadership/Impact® (L/I) is a 360-feedback assessment that represents the cutting edge of leadership effectiveness research. For executives to be leaders, they must transform, shape, and influence the environment within which people operate and the ways in which they approach their work and interact with each other. Research shows that leaders who employ prescriptive strategies (e.g., "Creating a Setting" in a "Facilitating" manner, including empowering people) have a Constructive impact and those who employ Restrictive strategies have a Defensive impact on others’ behaviours. Prescriptive leaders create more effective and sustainable organizations than restrictive leaders do.

Feedback is based on information collected using two forms of the Leadership/Impact® inventory: the L/I Self Report Inventory, identifying the leader’s own perceptions of his/her leadership strategies and Ideal impact, and the L/I Description by Others Inventory, describing others’ impressions of his/her overall effectiveness, impact on their behaviour, and leadership strategies. Results are presented to participants in a comprehensive, confidential feedback report that includes Circumplex-based profiles of the leader’s Ideal and Current impact (normed on the basis of 5,000 managers), bar charts and tables on the leader’s strategies, descriptive text, and recommendations for improving leadership effectiveness.


  • Provides leaders with extensive gap analysis of the impact they want to have and their actual impact along with implications for organizational culture
  • Links leadership strategies directly to behavioural impact and leadership effectiveness
  • Meets academic and psychometric standards, and normed on the basis of an extensive international sample.
  • Part of the Integrated Diagnostic System, which uses the Human Synergistics International Circumplex to link individual, manager, leader, team, and organization behaviours

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