Impact Certification Workshop

Developing Leaders

Program Description

 The two Human Synergistics “Impact” instruments are complex assessments that measure ones approaches, or strategies, their impact on others, and the current overall effectiveness.

Leadership/Impact™ and Management/Impact™ are very sophisticated psychometric assessments that effectively link leadership styles and organizational culture.

 These “lynch pin” products allow consultants and coaches to take the next step in individual development. Both rely on the circumplex to measure the impact that managers and leaders are having on those significant people with whom the focal individual works.

 First, L/I measures the strategies that senior leaders employ with others; while M/I measures the approaches that managers use. Then, both reports measure the circumplex-based impact that those strategies and approaches have on others. Finally, both measure the leader’s or manager’s current level of effectiveness.

 To properly interpret and administer these complex assessments, formal certification is required. Upon successful completion of the program, coaches and consultants will be able to help their clients take a major step forward in their development as managers and leaders.

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