Organizational Culture Certification Workshop

Program Description

 Most Senior Managers and every HR Manager and Consultant realize the importance of managing the culture of an organization. Measuring, analyzing and improving culture is a key component of ensuring the long-term viability of an organization.

 Human Synergistics Organizational Culture Inventory™ (OCI) and its sister product, Organizational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI) are two of the most accurate and sophisticated cultural assessments in the world. Understanding these tools and interpreting the information they provide are an essential skill for any internal or external consultant.

 The OCI Report is a complex feedback report that provides leaders with quantitative data on the organization. Participants learn the relevance and importance of that data, how to interpret the information provided and most importantly how to identify and recommend strategies designed to provide lasting organizational change based on the reports’ findings.

The OEI Report provides the reader with a more in-depth analysis of cultural outcomes, along with a thorough analysis of the culture’s causal factors. Participants learn how to use this report to “fine tune” specific organizational interventions and to identify specific results of those initiatives.

Suggested Prerequisite: General Certification Workshop