HS Canada locations

Human Synergistics Canada is based in St. Marys Ontario, with a satellite office in Montreal.

Human Synergistics Canada

Human Synergistics Canada

246 James St., South,
P.O. Box 2380,
St. Mary's, Ontario,
Canada. N4X 1A2

Phone: 519.284.4135
Fax: 519.284.4272

Human Synergistics Quebec

5060, avenue Beaconsfield
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada. H3X 3R6

Phone: 514.485.4900
Fax: 514.485.6350


U.S. Offices

Human Synergistics International is based in the United States, with offices in Chicago, Illinois; Plymouth/Ann Arbor, Michigan; and San Francisco, California.

International Affiliate Offices

In Europe we are in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Finland.

In Asia: Japan and South Korea

In Australasia: Australia and New Zealand

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