Corporate Responsibility

We at Human Synergistics Canada believe that every corporation has responsibilities to the environment and to the communities within which it operates. Our motto: Changing the World--One Organization at a Time™ must include not only our clients, but also the communities where we reside.

In the Community

St. Marys DCVI “Cane & Ring” Award

 Human Synergistics Canada sponsors the major graduation award at St. Marys High School annual commencement. This unique award goes to two graduating students (one male and one female) who, during their years at the school “made a difference” by exemplifying Human Synergistics “Constructive” thinking styles.

The winners are selected by a special committee made up by a few students, teachers and administrative staff. They choose students who were active in school activities, caring of others, good team players and hard workers. The names of the members of the selection committee are never disclosed and they select the winners by collaborative consensus.

 The award has been presented since 1969 and sponsored by Human Synergistics since 2002. Past winners have included doctors, teachers, corporate presidents and church ministers.


Youth Leadership Programs

Human Synergistics has given back to the community by conducting several youth leadership programs for student leaders in the area. This one-and-a-half day program has been attended by student council members, sports captains and youth club presidents. The program is conducted by HS president, Allan Stewart and guest speakers. The St. Marys program has also be presented to other high schools around the province and in South Africa. The expenses for St. Marys’ students were covered entirely by Human Synergistics.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

 Several years ago, Human Synergistics embarked on a journey to reduce its carbon footprint. Not only have we moved away from paper inventories by investing in online reporting, we have also done several local initiatives. These include building and HVAC upgrades and more recently the installation of solar panels that are hooked into the local grid. We still provide high quality paper-based reporting to enable our clients to work hands-on to develop strategies in their working hard copies.

Charitable Organizations

Human Synergistics is an active supporter of Shriners International.