Changing the World – One Organization at a Time™

What does it mean?

Human Synergistics International specializes in developing and providing tools, information, and change strategies that enable individuals to reach their potential, groups to realize synergy, and organizations to achieve sustainability. 

At the group and individual levels, Human Synergistics focuses on constructively changing the way in which people interact with one another and approach their work. At the organizational level, we transform the context within which people work and the expectations that guide their behaviour.

More specially, our internationally-recognized development tools, supported by consultants with world-class capabilities, empower individuals to strengthen their leadership styles and strategies, teams to develop their interpersonal and rational processes, and organizations to bring their operating cultures into alignment with their values.

Changing the World—One Organization at a Time® is a challenging mission. We are working toward it, in collaboration with our consulting associates, by every year introducing more and more organizations—in increasingly diverse industries and geographical locations—to our diagnostic and developmental systems. It is our intention to make the changes initiated in these organizations sufficiently meaningful and powerful to “spill over” and extend beyond their boundaries—effectively promoting the development and effectiveness of their communities, countries, and ultimately the world. 

Our mission: Changing the World—One Organization at a Time™

So what's behind our mission statement?

Human Synergistics’ research clearly shows that:

  • There are certain ways of thinking and behaving that enhance performance at the individual, group, and organizational levels. These can be measured and they can be learned and developed. We call these Constructive styles.
  • There are certain other behaviours that can inhibit performance at the individual, group, and organizational levels. These can be measured and they can be controlled and changed. We call these Passive/Defensive and Aggressive/Defensive styles.
  • Many managers and leaders within organizations do not understand their impact on their subordinates and the other people around them and inadvertently promote, encourage, and reinforce Defensive styles that are not associated with, and even detract from, effectiveness.
  • Similarly, many of the systems, structures, and technologies that organizations put into place (as well as the leadership qualities and communication skills of their managers) are not aligned with their values and therefore drive members away from, rather than toward, the behaviours and cultures to which they aspire. 
  • Feedback and consultation based on valid and reliable diagnostic instruments can help managers effect targeted changes in their leadership strategies and styles, as well as in the systems and structures they have created, to Constructively redirect their organization’s culture and improve performance.
  • When organizational members at all levels genuinely adopt Constructive behaviours and build a culture that reinforces them, they increase their own performance and the long-term effectiveness of their organization.

We use these research findings, as well as our collective practical experience with them over the past 40 years, to help organizations and their members to change.

Promoting individual well-being along with effectiveness

Finally, our research also shows that members of organizations with Constructive leaders, managers, and cultures report higher motivation, more teamwork and collaboration, a stronger belief that their effort counts, and greater satisfaction and lower stress.

Thus we can simultaneously help people love their work and help organizations achieve sustainable performance.  Rather than relying on the tenuous assumption that engagement leads to performance (or that performance leads to engagement), our surveys, models, and change strategies are designed to directly promote both of these outcomes concurrently.


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