Human Synergistics’ Accreditation Program

Introduced in 2013,  our Accreditation Program ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for all individuals and organizations that engage with the Human Synergistics systems and tools. The primary goal of the Accreditation Program is to provide practitioners with the knowledge and practice necessary to successfully create organizational and leadership transformation using Human Synergistics’ surveys and processes. The Accreditation Program is a critical lever for expanding the Human Synergistics Global Change Circle (HSGCC), our ever-growing network of qualified practitioners, which provides the landscape for a collaborative community dedicated to Changing the World—One Organization at a Time®.

Human Synergistics accredits individual consultants and trainers, rather than client organizations and consulting firms. Thus, the individual (rather than his or her organization) retains the accreditation and right to purchase and debrief the relevant product(s) in the event that he or she moves to another employer or private practice. Additionally, all consultants and trainers within an organization who will be debriefing accreditation-required products must be accredited directly by Human Synergistics. Accredited individuals are not certified to train others in the use of the assessments or to purchase products requiring accreditation on behalf of others who have not successfully completed the Human Synergistics Accreditation Program. Individuals not accredited by Human Synergistics may use accreditation-required assessments only by working with someone who is accredited, and therefore, qualified to debrief the feedback report(s).

The Accreditation Process

Participation in the Culture, Impact, Styles, and/or WorkStyles Workshops is the first step in the accreditation process for the products they cover. 

Accreditation Renewal

In order to maintain accredited status, practitioners must purchase at least one circumplex-based instrument every two years. If this requirement is not met, practitioners interested in regaining their accredited status will need to repeat the accreditation process.

HS reserves the right to require re-accreditation training. We also reserve the right to update and revise accreditation and refresher requirements as needed. From time to time, refresher courses may be required to maintain accreditation.

Existing Clients

If you have used any of our accreditation-required products and/or attended a product-specific workshop within the past five years, please contact us about your options as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the Human Synergistics Accreditation Program, please contact us.